Do Life Right in 2020

Another year down, where did it go right? I hope your festive season was Merry and's a little snap of me, hubby and fur baby which I wanted to share with you.

What do you think of my baby's red festive collar - I loved it but he seemed a little less than impressed - he would rather be au naturale! Regardless, it was one of the best Xmas Days ever surrounded with family and lots of delicious food!

S0 after the the Xmas high I have been thinking about the new year ahead. In previous years I have fallen into the trap of starting the new year with the best of intentions and within a week or two all that new year glimmering hope and shiny optimism has taken a flying leap as I settle back into "regular life". Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Let's be real, it is quite unreasonable to think you are going to be a whole new person just because a new calendar year rings in but there are EASY and ACHIEVABLE ways to create a profound and positive impact in your life and I promise you, there is no big ask on your part, just small, simple adjustments.

Does that sound good to you? Then let's go!


Many of us start our day with cup of our favourite brew but did you know that coffee is THE MOST CHEMICALLY SPRAYED crop in the world?

While the occasional cup would probably do little harm, many of us are daily drinkers, this can slowly build up to toxic levels of pesticides (like dangerous glycophosphates) in our body contributing to many health issues from nausea, digestive distress, dizziness, anxiety and confusion, to much more serious effects including microbiome imbalances (the delicate ecosystem of bacteria in your gut responsible for a maintaining good health) leading to chronic digestive and health issues as well as possibly contributing to autism and cancer!

Considering millions of us around the world (myself included) start the day with this magical brew, making the switch to a certified organic brand makes a lot of sense - and if you are into pod coffee then you also have to take into account that many pods are made from aluminium which some studies suggest can also be toxic.

And if you thought you were any safer with tea, think again. Whether you sip on black, green or white tea, pesticide levels in many of the world's most famous brands have higher levels than safely recommended so again, it makes sense to switch to certified organic teas, which have endless health benefits - better gut bacteria, anti-cancer properties, possibly assist in weight loss/management and so much more.

And while the jury always sways back and forth on coffee, there is a lot of research that does support many health benefits when you drink good quality organic coffee responsibly including benefits to brain health, faster metabolism, an antioxidant boost to the entire body and the list goes on. If your body tolerates it without jittery side effects or affecting your gut health - enjoy!

ACTION PLAN: 1-2 cups of good quality organic coffee a day is fine for most butg remember to avoid aluminium coffee pods. I forward to starting my day with Republica Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods which are aluminium-free and are 100% biodegradable which means less landfill and throughout the day I sip on Nerada's Organic Green Tea with Lemon Myrtle - it's so good! Both brands are ACO Certified Organic which means no pesticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers have been used so you can enjoy your favourite beverage completely guilt-free!


This one is so important! Once you start to realise how much garbage is in certain "foods" you probably eat everyday you will think twice about putting them into your shopping cart or into your body. Packaging is designed to draw you without you thinking too much so reading the labels is key. What seems wholesome and healthy is often just empty, disease promoting and energy draining calories with the biggest offenders, not surprisingly being prepackaged/highly processed foods.

I was recently looking at what seemed like a nice quick "cheat meal" on a day when I didn't really want to be stuck in the kitchen - some chicken patties from my local grocery store - it seemed innocent enough - chicken, herbs and bread crumbs right? But as soon as I read the ingredients and nutritional profile I was shocked that the actual product was less than 37% chicken and the rest was just empty filler ingredients!