Are You Living A Lie?


If you’re here with me today, it is not by chance our paths crossed at this perfect moment in time - we’re about to begin a beautiful journey together...

Sometimes before we can move forward, we must look at “what is” and we need to first discuss a few confronting truths - but don't worry because this is a good thing and our first step towards a better way of living!

Honestly when MY EYES WERE FIRST OPENED to what I am about to reveal I realised the WHY about my life and circumstances and it finally gave me clarity. As you read through my first of many posts on this topic, my sincere wish is it offers you the same clarity - because once you understand the why, you can find a way to make real changes.


Most of us live or believe our lives to be a series of struggles, hardships, disappointments, health, money and relationship problems- and if you’re here reading this you must have also asked yourself this question – is this is really all there is it our existence?

Through the tears and that feeling of helplessness of a situation that seems hopeless have you ever wondered - why me?

I’ll be honest with you, I have endured a lot in my time here on earth. So believe me when I say I understand how you feel. I am generally a pretty practical person but with the life I have had, I began to ask questions and seek answers.

I mean, how can life just be a series of meaningless processes - birth, education, work, relationships/children, more work, health issues, old age - and that's it - you're done.

Can this really be EVERYTHING?

I mean think about it, it really doesn’t make ANY sense.

Humans are supposed to be the MOST evolved creatures on planet earth but we are no freer (or happier) than an animal is a cage or a hamster endlessly running on a wheel to nowhere.

Just hear me out…

If you sit and really, really think, who is happier and has more freedom? The bird effortlessly soaring in the sky, the tree enjoying the wind through it’s leaves, the water flowing in a stream or you chained to a set of required daily responsibilities and tasks you must fulfil in order to be part of society’s dictated “status quo” - does this really sound like this was the reason you were born?

Now before we go on, this blog is not about suggesting you sell off all your worldly possessions and go live in a monastery or meditate for 30 years on a mountain top or live off water, seeds, fruits and vegetables for the rest of your life - this is a blog about reclaiming your power but for now I just want to paint a picture that startlingly so many of us live and DO NOT REALISE! This "normal" reality has been so cleverly engineered to ensure you never reach your fullest potential or connect with your highest self and never be any the wiser.

As a child you listened to the messages that your well-meaning parents fed you about the world, then you began your education only to end up slaving away in a job that is unfulfilling, with people who don’t appreciate your special qualities and for a pay check that is just enough to cover the minimum repayments of mounting credit card debt and keep a roof over your head.

And in this age of addictive media, there are many of us who come home barely acknowledging our partner, parents, siblings or family and most likely sit down to a evening meal that's fast, easy and processed with hidden chemicals as we mindlessly scroll our cell phones or make the choice to watch the news on TV revealing all the horrors and injustices of the world that day, promptly followed by our "favourite" evening TV shows that highlight the worst in human nature - violence, murder, revenge, an obsession with money, judgement, cheating, back-stabbing, lust, do-whatever-it-takes reality shows, lies, gossip, horror, materialism, corruption, hatred, ageism, bitterness, apocalyptic events - need I go on?

And before you go to bed, you worry about your bills, or the argument you had with a friend or loved one, or you're feeling upset about something that happened that day, or someone who said or did something that hurt you - be honest with yourself. ARE YOU UNWITTINGLY LIVING THIS EXACT LIFE?

So tell me this...