Since ancient times, women in India have been using the elements of nature to enhance their skin. Multan Mitti, known in the west as Fuller's Earth has long been used by millions of women to create luminous, pore-free skin!


Now you too can enjoy the same benefits from the comfort of your home with the original Mudface Authentic Fuller's Earth by Nouvasse, a 100% natural and unrefined mineral-rich clay full of magnificent skin enhancing elements including magnesium, silica and calcium carefully sourced from India and hand packed in Australia.


Used as a regular mask treatment. Mudface Authentic Fuller's Earth can be an effective treatment controlling oil production, evening and brighening skin tone, refining large pores, drawing out dirt, assisting with skin congestion and blackheads as well as healing pesky acne and blemishes. It also stimulates blood flow for healthy circulation and can even soothe and assist in the healing sunburned skin making it extremely convenient and effective to many common skin conditions.


Used as an exfoliant, Mudface Authentic Fuller's Earth can gently yet effectively refresh and revitalise your skin - so you are actually getting 2 products in 1 - which is great value for our customers and a great space saver when travelling too!


Due to it's versatility and ease of use, Mudface Authentic Fuller's Earth can assist to heal and repair your skin for so many different conditions and benefits!  For oily skin - mix it with a little rose water, for a deep cleansing, brightening and acne control add a little apple cider vinegar, for dry skin -  mix with some yogurt - and there are so many other combinations to try! Yep it's that easy to have amazing skin.


Goddess by Feritta are proud to collaborate with local Aussie businesses like Nouvasse to bring you affordable, results driven products that are all natural and cruelty free!   


*Please note, while we know this product can do amazing things, every skin type is different and if you are unsure about any ingredient (even natural ones) and how they may react on your skin, we advise you to ALWAYS test your mask formula and do a test patch first, particularly if you have sensitive skin.  


*Please note, a healthy red flush due to increased blood flow and circulation after use of some mask formulas (e.g. apple cider vinegar) is normal and will usually subside quickly however we advise if you are not familiar with how these ingredients may react with your skin, please perform a test patch before use on your face.


This item is boxed and makes an ideal gift for beauty lovers!


Are you living in the Perth Metropolitan area and want to save on shipping?  Enter coupon code "PICKUP" so you don't pay any shipping costs and we will send you address details by email after purchase.


International shipping available.




Mudface Authentic Fullers Earth

    • 100% All Natural Multanii Mitthi (Fuller's Earth)
    • Effective face mask treatment for absorbing oil, reducing blemishes and assisting the control of acne
    • Can be used an a gentle exfoliant 
    • No fillers or anti-caking agents used
    • Carefully sourced naturally from India 
    • No added preservatives or anti-caking agents
    • No added chemicals or toxins
    • Vegan 
    • Cruelty Free
    • 50g/1.76ounces
    • Worldwide Shipping Available

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