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My Story

I've always wanted to be a part of something bigger and to leave my mark on the world in a positive way, for me, Goddess by Feritta is not just an online store but a lifestyle.      


In 2001 I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease - a very serious auto-immune condition and life as I knew it changed forever.   Pain, misery and suffering were my new normal. My desires, hopes and dreams seemed to dissolve before my eyes and slip far, far away. 

Each day seemed to be a struggle and things went from bad to worse until I finally had my "aha moment" when I realised I had a choice to heal and that I deserved a better life. 

Slowly I began to rebuild my mental, spiritual and physical health.  I had good days and bad days and many challenges to overcome but I learned how to put my life back together again and from there Goddess by Feritta was born. 

I want Goddess by Feritta to bring a little joy into your life because you deserve it!   

I hope you find some inspiration in The Zen Den, my blog where I discuss my healing journey.  I truly believe that knowledge is power and as human beings, we have a responsibility to support each other. .  So many people struggle and suffer needlessly and I my blog offers you some insight, support and peace.


Goddess by Feritta is here to help you discover the phenomenal power within you to create the life you want. 


With Much Love, Feritta, xo

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