My Story

I've always wanted more, to be a part of something bigger. 

Goddess by Feritta is not just another online store but the fruits of an ongoing process to overcome my personal struggles with health, family, relationships, career, physical insecurities and finances. 

We strive at Goddess by Feritta to be a part of the solution, to a better way of life through low-tox, healthy living and an understanding that little joys make life more fun. 

My blog, The Zen Den, was created from a core belief that so many people are struggling and suffering needlessly for answers to their health and personal issues, yet don't know where to do turn for answers. I sincerely hope that you can find some peace and healing here.

When Inflammatory Bowel Disease struck me down I lived for years as the victim until I had my "aha" moment and realised I could and would lead a better life.  

So many of us are led to believe that healing is something controlled by forces outside of us, but I hope here, at Goddess by Feritta, you will discover that you have the phonemal power to change your life for the better, xo