My Story

I've always wanted to be a part of something bigger and to leave my mark on the world in a positive way, for me, Goddess by Feritta is not just an online store but a lifestyle.      


In 2001 I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease - a very serious auto-immune condition and life as I knew it changed forever.   Pain, misery and suffering were my new normal. My desires, hopes and dreams seemed to dissolve before my eyes and slip far, far away. 

But then a miracle happened, that moment when I realised I didn't have to be a victim to my circumstances and finally understood I had the power to change my life for the better.

Slowly I began to rebuild my mental, spiritual and physical health.  I had good days and bad days and many unforeseen challenges to overcome but I searched for answers and learned how to put my life back together again and from there Goddess by Feritta was born.  

I want Goddess by Feritta to inspire you and ignite that innate power within because we CAN change our life for the better if we have a deep and honest desire to do so. 

The Zen Den, my blog, was created from a core belief that knowledge is power and we should work together to raise our collective consciousness.  So many people struggle and suffer needlessly and I sincerely hope you find some peace, healing and a bit of fun too.   


It's time to shatter the illusion that our lives are controlled by forces outside of us, I hope here at Goddess by Feritta, you will discover that you have a phenomenal power within you to create the life you want - all it takes is a willingness to make a commitment to yourself.

With Much Love, Feritta, xo