My Story

I've always to be a part of something bigger and to leave my mark on the world in a positive way. 

Goddess by Feritta is not just another online store but a way for me to share everything I have learned along my ongoing journey of growth and learning how to triumph over personal struggle. 

Growing up I was always felt out of place and after being diagnosed with IBD, a very serious auto-immune condition in 2001, my life as I knew it changed forever.  I thought a life of constant pain, misery and suffering was my new normal, that my desires, hopes and dreams were to be mere figments of my imagination.

But then, after many hard and miserable came my "aha moment" when I realised I would play the victim no more and that I could change my life for the better.  Slowly I began to rebuild my mental, spiritual and physical health.  I finally found myself and how learned to love myself.  I feel blessed that I am now doing things I never even dreamed of!

I want to show everyone, we CAN change our lives if we have the sincere desire to do so.  Miracles can happen.

We strive at Goddess by Feritta to be a part of the solution, through low-tox, healthy living and an understanding that you serve little joys that make life more fun. 

The Zen Den, my blog was created from a core belief that so many people are struggling and suffering needlessly for answers to their physical and mental health, yet don't know where to  turn for answers. I sincerely hope that you can find some peace and healing here.

So many of us are led to believe that healing is something controlled by forces outside of us, but I hope here, at Goddess by Feritta, you will discover that you have the phenomenal power to change your life for the better, xo