Glad You Could Make It, xo

Like so many people out there, I have found myself searching for the answers to the hard questions - What is my truth?  Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  My personal struggles with health, family, relationships, career, physical insecurities and finances have all led me here - to Goddess by Feritta.  I finally understand my challenges have not been about obstacles but about growth, they have not been put in my path to stop me but to strengthen me, to not make me weak but to push me to greater heights.   When the time is right, the words of wisdom or that source of empowerment or that helping hand will come. You're here today. Why?  Because like me, you are looking for answers and know there is so much more to life. 

When we are ready to ask for guidance the answers will divinely come.   

Our mind and emotions are an UNSTOPPABLE POWER when we know how to use them wisely.  

For too long we have lived in a culture that neglects the spiritual, encouraging us to focus on the material which in do so denies us of the blessed, happy and healthy lives we all deserve. 

If you will allow me the honor, let's embrace today's opportunity to be our greatest, highest selves and impart the same on generations to come.

Through Goddess by Feritta, I hope to connect with you - through my blog, through the products I am passionate about, through my music.  So if you are still here reading this, take this moment right here, right now,  to close your eyes, take a deep breath and just feel the love of your inner Goddess - your truest, highest self as you surrender to the love of the universe...

I just know miracles are about to happen for you my friend!  Stay blessed, xo

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