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Discover Your Best Skin EVER - Part 1

We all want to look our best and there is nothing wrong with that. But somewhere along the line we've been brainwashed into thinking that risky, expensive plastic surgery, toxins like Botox and injectable fillers are the only way to make us look our best. To be honest I have dabbled (nothing too crazy) with some of these technologies in the past but something didn't quite sit right with me - yes the treatments worked and I've never been an over the top girl, but still, somewhere inside of me I wondered what might the long-term effects of these treatments be and what kind of messages I might be sending?

Before I go on, I just want to make it clear that I have not been paid for this review. All views and opinions are my own and I only make recommendations based on my own real results! I love sharing therapies that really work and are delivered by passionate amazing people who love what they do!

As a singer and recording artist with a public profile, I want to show that REAL and BEAUTIFUL NATURAL RESULTS ARE POSSIBLE that don't rely on invasive and sometimes even dangerous procedures.


Around 2016 my skin was looking exhausted from a very stressful lifestyle and endless courses of steroids and strong medications from constant illness as well as previous acne scarring - everything had really taken a toll on my skin and I knew I had to do something about it.

Even though I have been fascinated with skincare technologies ever since I was a little girl watching my Grandma apply her magical Lakme Vanishing Cream religiously every night, I had lost my way. Yes I've always done all the essentials - a good cleanser, moisturiser, sunscreen - and make-up can cover up a multitude of sins, but I was really looking for my once healthy, vibrant looking skin.

Over the years I've undergone expensive cutting-edge therapies like Ultherapy, Fraxel Laser and Infini Microneedling Treatments to deal with loss of firmness and tone, pigmentation spots, fine lines, scarring as well as general dullness in my skin and although these treatments were very expensive and carried out in professional or doctor run registered clinics, they surprisingly did little to improve my skin. The doctor was always happy to do another course IF I PAID BIG BUCKS but I just wasn't seeing the results for the time, effort, pain and downtime that was involved and I was getting increasingly frustrated.


One day, in 2016, I was desperately looking for a solution to my skin problems when I came across a Jessicat's Medi Spa promotion on Facebook for a $199 trial. I felt she was well informed, very reasonably priced and I had heard of some of the technologies she was using while living overseas and thought, what the heck I will give it a go - I need to try something!

Now do you know the secret to a good therapist? It's when you meet them and they ask you - so what concerns DO YOU HAVE about your skin? How many times have you gone for a treatment of some sort and the doctor or therapist points out things that you weren't even aware or being treated for - yeah steer clear of those guys, they are only after your money.

From the moment I met Jessicat we clicked and she was very thorough about asking me what my concerns were, what her treatments could do and what was achievable. Funnily enough, even though I was there for a treatment on my skin and it's her business to provide skin and body treatments, she even said my skin looked quite good all things considered! How's that for honesty?

If you take a look at my before and after shots from my course of Jessicat's Medi Spa's 4 Stage Facelift below you can see the dramatic difference and how Jessicat took my stressed, tired, pigmented skin and literally turned back the clock on my face!

Before & After from Venus Freeze - Goddess by Feritta
My Before & After - Amazing Results from Venus Freeze!

Two and half years later and I am still visiting Jessicat's Medi Spa! Not only is she passionate about her work but she invests her time in your skin because that’s what really matters to her – that you get results. And another thing, you can always count on Jessicat to bring you the latest non-invasive treatments that deliver real results - many of which I have tried and will share with you in coming weeks so stay tuned!

Over time my skin continues to improve, it is clearer, more toned, firmer, brighter, plumper, more even, lines have reduced and I am convinced that if anyone can address your skin issues it is this amazing lady!

You won't find a more passionate well informed beauty specialist in Perth and while doctors charge at least 3 times the price for the same technologies Jessicat uses, (check online if you don't believe me), they DON'T throw in the extras like micro-current exfoliation, LED light therapy and micro-dermabrasion, into the actual treatment! Also Jessicat tries all her treatments on herself before using them on her clients and she won't use anything that isn't backed by science or isn't results driven. I swear I WILL NEVER stop seeing this miracle-performing lady!

Jess is a like a great friend who gives you amazing skin - you won't find a warmer, kinder, results driven skin and body specialist in Perth!

In the coming weeks and months I will go more in depth into my results from various treatments and services I have experienced with Jessicat but if you are interested getting a jump-start on your most amazing skin and body ever, then your starting point is her amazing Four Stage Facelift Venus Freeze Treatments. This was the first treatment I ever had and I've been hooked ever since!

Jessicat's Medi Spa - Goddess by Feritta
Jessicat's Medi Spa - Perth's Best Skin Care Clinic!

Honestly, I have raved to so many friends about Jessicat's Medi Spa it's not funny! If you'd like to find out more now please visit:

Jessicat's Medi Spa

Jessicat's Medi Spa Facebook Page

If you have any questions, please comment and I'll be happy to answer any questions! Enjoy your amazing skin!

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