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Could This Be the Holy Grail For Flat & Lifeless Hair?

How many of us have flat, limp hair no matter what we do? If you've been dreaming of fuller looking, bouncy locks that look full of life or want more freedom to experiment with big and bolder looking styles, then you are definitely going to be interested in this blog post today!

The Hot Teaze | Goddess by Feritta
Could The Hot Teaze System Change Your Hair Forever?

I'm really excited (I get excited a lot about new products) to share this with you as I think is going to revolutionise the way a lot women and men style their hair - especially those who are fed up with having their hair look limp and flat no matter what they do!

Before I go on, what you are about to read are my opinions. I was not sponsored for this review nor have I been paid. I just want to share amazing products with you that make your life easier and more fabulous!

Boys and girls with flat hair, you are not alone. So many of us crave fuller, bouncier, healthier looking hair that allows us to express our true sense of style. So when I heard about the htz Hot Teaze system, designed locally in Perth, WA I had to know more!


The htz Hot Teaze system is the brainchild of professional veteran hair stylist Anne Vine, who over her years styling the hair of thousands of women realised that the market did not have an effective product against limp looking hair - so together with her business partner and niece, Janet Cook they found a local designer to assist them in bringing to life a product that would create long lasting lift and body to the hair - and the htz Hot Teaze system was born! When used as directed the result is a fuller looking, healthy hair!

Together with their light-weight Root Lifting Spray (this is a really important key ingredient to ensure full results) the ceramic iron’s square grooves essentially "raise/crimp" the hair, lifting it from the scalp to give long lasting volume from the root as the spray "locks the lift" into place to provide the hold to the style.

Check out the demo here:


  1. It is fast - you can be done in around 5-10 minutes - great for those of us who are time poor but still want to look our best!

  2. Works on fine, thin hair that usually falls within hours after styling

  3. No formal sectioning required - just place and go - the Hot Teaze is adjustable and designed to hold the perfect amount of hair each time

  4. Ergonomic design - curved contour shape

  5. 360 degree rotating cord for ease of use

  6. Variable temperature control - so you can adjust the heat to your hair (higher for virgin hair, lower for chemically treated or delicate hair

  7. Includes the light-weight htz Root Lifting Spray to set your style without adding weight - and keep it locked in place


the htz Hot Teaze system retails at $249 Australian Dollars which when you consider how much use you'll get out of it, is great value for money! It comes stylishly boxed and the black and pink theme is carried through from the packaging to the actual product.

Inside you will find:

  1. htz Hot Teaze Volumizer Appliance

  2. htz Root Lift Spray (THIS REALLY MAGNIFIES THE RESULTS so you need this product for light-weight lift and hold)

  3. Protective Tip Retainer/Cover to protect the hot tip from your surfaces

  4. Warranty (for 1 year)

  5. Operating Manual

Htz Hot Teaze | Goddess by Feritta Product Review
The HTZ Hot Teaze retails at $249


If you're interested in the htz Hot Teaze visit the lovely ladies at ONE20 Hair & Beauty in Wangara, Perth, WA.

Here's my before and after with the htz Hot Teaze done by the lovely owner of ONE20, Kay:

htz Hot Teaze | Goddess by Feritta Product Review
What do you guys think? You likey?


ONE20 Hair & Beauty are very generous and offer a FREE lesson if you book in a blow-dry service or if you come in with clean, fresh hair you pay just $20 for a lesson on how to use the device at home - yes you can totally try before you buy and get all the best styling tips and tricks to make your hair look amazing!

When you buy a Hot Teaze system through ONE20 Hair & Beauty you will also receive a $50 voucher to spend on your hair and another free styling lesson 2 weeks after purchase if you need any further salon pro tips!

While you can buy the unit at the official HTZ Hair Website, if you live locally I would definitely recommend taking the time to visit ONE20 Hair & Beauty to really get that personalised service a full understanding of how to get the most from the system - plus if you ever have any questions, you can speak to a real person!

So if you are looking for a great gift idea, or think this product might be perfect for you, consider supporting this local Aussie business and grabbing you very own htz Hot Teaze system and forget about flat, limp hair forever!

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