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Five Reasons You NEED To Smudge

The ancient purification ritual of smudging is quickly gaining a new following in today's modern age. Read on to discover how this respected tradition can benefit you today.

For many years, the burning of sacred smoke (smudging) has been central to many spiritual practices. While the purpose and medium used for smudging does vary from culture to culture, traditionally the process of smudging is to purify the energy of a space, invite positive energy, call on blessings from a higher source as well as to purify the physical body and assist in centering and healing.

Smudging has moved into the mainstream and there are many wonderful benefits to regularly smudging your home or office. Here are 5 great reasons how smudging can benefit you!

1. Smudging with White Sage Removes Negative Energy From You & Your Environment

Smudging is commonly known for its ability to remove bad/negative energies. Native Americans, who need no proof, continue to honor the sacred tradition of smudging because of its great energy cleansing power but even science confirms that the smoke from smudging with white sage helps to change the molecular structure of both air and energy which in turn produces a powerful physical (as well as emotional/spiritual) cleansing effect on the surrounding environment.

White Sage Smudge Sticks are a great tool to clear stagnant and negative energies from your home. Smudging can clear energy from arguments and bad feelings, when things just haven't been going right or if you've had someone in your home that you didn't have a good feeling about. It's also perfect for clearing old energy when you move into a new established home or rental property and want to clear the energy of its previous owners or when you just want a natural purification ritual to keep your home energy healthy - these are all great reasons to smudge your home regularly. I often smudge my home when it begins to feel "heavy" or if I feel things aren't feeling right and I have found it really does help bring a sense of peace and serenity into my home.

2. Removes 94% Of Bacteria From The Air Naturally

If you thought that smudging was just a whoo-whoo, hippy-dippy exercise, you might be surprised to learn that smudging with white sage can purify and remove up to 94% of bacteria from the air - which is great if you are looking for a safe and natural way to keep your home germ, cold and flu free!

3. Smudging Releases Negative Ions Into The Air Clearing Allergens & Improving Mood

Smudging is said to release negative ions into the air which help neutralize positive ions that are common in allergens like pet dander, mold, dust and general pollution. The negative ions (and fragrance) released when burning are also said to uplift and improve mood, enhance wellbeing as well as relieve feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, grief and depression. I can honestly say I I feel a sense of peace after a good smudging!

4. Keeps Bugs Away - No More Annoying Mosquitos!

If you're tired of you and your family being a buffet for mossies and other pests, smudging with white sage is a very effective tool to keep annoying mosquitos and other nasties at bay - both the smoke and fragrance will have them flying in the opposite direction! Even if you don't wish to smudge your whole house, smudging the bedroom before you go to bed can help keep those mozzies away for a good night's sleep! I have noticed while many others in my neighbourhood complain of mozzie bites, we have been relatively lucky and I put it down to regular smudging.

5. It Can Naturally Relieve Insomnia

While lavender is famous for inducing relaxation and sleep, white sage also contains natural compounds that can ease insomnia and induce more soothing, restful sleep. Again a quick burn before bed may be all you need to naturally get a good night's rest.

How Do I Know I am Buying An Authentic High Quality White Sage Smudge Stick?

Not all smudge sticks are created equal! Be sure to seek a high quality smudge stick made with a base of ethically sourced white sage. Our white sage is ethically sourced and is the base herb for all our locally handmade smudge sticks. White sage is associated with purity as well as a strong presence which is essential for effective space and energy cleansing.

Another thing to remember is that size and quality can vary greatly. For your peace of mind each of our handmade White Sage Smudge Sticks are unique, very generously sized (so you can easily use them multiple times) and are further enhanced with a beautiful range of fragrant botanicals including French Lavender, Rose and Australian Natives which are carefully bound together to create a truly wonderful scent even when not burned. In addition, each of our White Sage Smudge Sticks also has a large crystal attached (your choice of rose quartz, amethyst or selenite) to further magnify your intentions during your smudging ritual. We also include full instructions on how to safely and effectively use your smudge stick.

So if you are wanting to improve the energy of your home, release negativity, cleanse bacteria from the air, keep your home mozzie free, feel more relaxed and/or enhance your spiritual practice, White Sage Smudge Sticks may be just what you are looking for!

Happy Smudging!

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